Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Phuket, Thailand 10.2012

Kuala Lumpur was amazing! It felt so good to walk around the streets of KLCC even at night. I can stare at the stunning Petronas Twin Towers the entire night while lit. Before I actually saw it, I thought to myself, “what’s so special about two connecting buildings? I’ve seen a number of the similar kind.” Then I realized, when I finally got a glimpse of it, it’s a really different sight when you’re actually there. It’s so astonishing pictures won’t even do justice.

But! I think I left my heart in Thailand. The place is so beautiful, people were comradely, street food’s delectable (I love spicy food), and weekend night market in Phuket Town was a riot (in a good way!). Not to mention the many beach choices neighboring Patong, 150 baht/day motorcycle rentals, golden temples, and 20 baht coffee (hot or iced) by the street. It’s only been almost three weeks and I still can’t get rid of the Thai hangover.

Reminisce with me and take a look at few of the shots I took during the trip. Hit the like button if you do like what you see and show me some bloglovin’. 😛 (I wanted to use the term “bloglovin” just because)

If you’d like to explore KL, visit KLCC for a more city-esque feel. It’s the only place I can recommend (for now) since I only spent a day there. Suria mall is humongous and it’s filled with designer brands. It’s THE shopping haven for brand lovers. KL’s famous Old Town Coffee serves appetizing food and their java’s divine. I bought two boxes of their instant Old Town coffee for 12 ringgit each (10 sachets in a box).

Phuket, however, serves the best food by the street. I hardly ate in restaurants while I was there. Street food is where you’ll find the real Thai flavor. Do not forget to tell them to lessen the spice if you’re not a fan of spicy food. You can say, “mai pet” which means “not hot.” Or if you’re wondering whether the food you’re ordering is spicy or not you can ask and say, “pet mai.” Intonation is important though when you attempt to speak in Thai. So while you’re there, observe or ask locals how to say certain phrases to be sure. My favorite phrase is thank you which is, “kob kun kaa.” You say “kaa” at the end if you’re a a girl and “kap” if you’re a guy. Expect to hear “kaa” or “kap” in return when you do so. It’s their way of saying you’re welcome.

I highly recommend you try the famous Thai salad Somtam. It’s my favorite!

Anyway, my friends and I stayed in Patong Beach where the red light district is. However filled with “lady boys,” I fell in love with the place just the same. Ko Phi Phi is on the other side of Patong. If you’ve heard of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach, Ko Phi Phi is where it’s shot.

The best shopping days happen during the weekend. Head straight to Phuket Town’s night market and haggle the evening away! The place is huge and stalls sell different stuff. I found one interesting shop where the owner sells metal art. People weren’t allowed to take photos, but imagine life-sized robots and dinosaurs made of steel. The place had a huge food area too where my friend bought fried crickets, worms, beetles, and cockroaches. And yes, they’re edible. I tried one and it tasted like chicken–only harder to chew.

Of course, you need to get a taste of their culture. So head on downtown and see the amazing Buddha temple. My friend told me about the myth of ten thousand Buddhas. Once upon a time, a few years after Buddha died, the people dissected Buddha’s body parts and spread it across the globe. He said that if the parts were collected back together it’s going to be the end of the world. The end. Let me know if you’ve heard of this myth or not. And if I got it wrong… or not.

Tip of the iceberg is the iced Thai coffee fresh from the streets of Patong. For only 20 baht I get a venti cup of delicious iced coffee. Never did I spend a day without having my iced Thai coffee fix. It’s the thing I miss most about Phuket.

Everyday since the time I got back, I still imagine myself waking up in our hotel room, mentally planning my outfit and necessities for the day’s adventure. I miss the food too. Heck I even made my version of  spicy Thai condiments because our home cooked food were all too bland for my palette.

It’s official. I left my heart in Thailand.


The Island Where One of the 7 Wonders of Nature Resides

Early this year, my family and I were privileged to visit one of the many beautiful islands in the Philippines, Palawan. It was a short stay (three days, two nights) but it was worthwhile. Many of you may have heard of Boracay, being Philippines’s #1 tourist spot, but Palawan is way different from it. There are less people, more trees, and the clear blue sea is literally crystal clear.

It’s the perfect getaway for those who wish to unwind and free one’s mind.

Here are a few shots from Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan by yours truly..

Entrance to the Underground River

Island  Hopping Shot

My personal favorite, Badjao Seafront Restaurant View

The best part of traveling for me is the unforgettable memories you make with your companions. Of course adding to it the feeling of adventure it brings. Plus the new lessons you pick up from locals and foreigners.

I will never ever get tired of traveling. We live in this beautiful world and I believe firmly that we all deserve to see the amazing sights Mother Earth has to offer. Life is an unending journey of learning and discovery and for me, that includes traveling.

I wish to go back to the island soon. Maybe my next goal would be Coron, Palawan or better yet Amanpulo.