Beautiful Idiosyncrasy

When I took a break from all the research, segregation, and writing, Bjӧrk suddenly came to mind. To my surprise, after entering her name in YouTube, I discovered that she released a new video late last year. Now who does art pornography music videos better than Bjӧrk? Anyone?

My said curiosity brought me to check her past videos which I compiled a few to share. I’ve been an admirer of her ingenuity and eccentricity since the first time I saw this one. It’s about two robots, each taking the lead vocals and backup, where both of them are undergoing the assembling process in some white cyborg laboratory with machinery, paint, dramatic lighting, the works. It then ended with them finding each other and kissing ergo the title, All Is Full Of Love.

An unforgettable hairstyle, however, was from this next one. I think this video was shot in the streets of New York City while on a 10-wheeler truck. Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, I honestly have no idea what she’s singing, but I love the song nonetheless–the mix of buoyant electronica and keyboards I suppose. And imagine how much fun the shoot was to think it looked like all she did was make faces and dance in front of the camera.

For a more jazzy-blues feel and still with a touch of unconventionality, but less, this comes to mind. I don’t have much to say about this video though I really enjoyed watching the mailbox dance and Bjӧrk (or a double) do the backflip off a wall.

This one’s a bit more on the fantasy/cartoon-ish side. The acrobatic choreography kind of reminds me of Pink’s Try video don’t you think? Subtler of course. I like how it ended with Bjӧrk whelmed in an eddy then caught by huge hands which seemed of the Mongolian god or something.

Finally, the most recent art pornography there is…

Need I say more?


It Sure Would Be Prettier With You

I didn’t realize how many people covered the Beca audition from the movie Pitch Perfect until I started Googling it. But you know what? Nothing beats the original.

Today is a remarkable day in musical history. Okay, I’m exaggerating. It’s just that I was so thrilled when a really good friend of mine sent me this link. I’ve been so caught up with work (and searching for Beca audition covers in between) that I failed to find the artist behind the song (or rendition since the original really was from the ’30s). This is what I love most about music: YOU CAN MAKE ONE ANYWHERE YOU GO; WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT. That’s right, when your aural instincts kick in, you have a myriad of ways to create beautiful rhythms. You can stomp, clap, hum, or use cups, whatever floats your boat.

Without further ado, here it is, the 2nd real genius behind the cup audition. Enjoy!