Blocked Artist: Hungry For Passion

Ever had a feeling of losing appetite on things even if they are really, really fantastic ones? Like opportunities or new experiences that when your energy is up you’ll be more appreciative of it? I felt that; December last year was too slow for me up to the first few days of this month.

Then I realized I haven’t taken time to do things I’m extremely passionate about. 

So I went back to writing the traditional way, singing to the top of my lungs in the shower, and did yoga every single day. But it still wasn’t enough. Until I stumbled upon my big ol’ book and did some refreshing.

I hold this book so close to my heart because it helped me while I was doing thesis in college. Especially in times I go blank and zeroed out on ideas for my project/s. A friend introduced it to me a couple or more years ago when I tweeted for suggestions on books to read that will inspire the artist in me then she recommended this:


I never got to fully commit til the end of the book though because I became so busy with other stuff that time (excuses, I know). But tell you what, the first few chapters (or weeks rather) are so eye-opening you’d never want to stop. The Artist’s Way is a 12-week program aimed to retrieve the participant’s creativity.

This 224-page book is full of exercises to help awaken your hibernating creative spirit. Best thing I ever did was the morning pages (and it’s the first task!) wherein every time I get out of bed in the morning, first thing I do is grab my pen and paper and write away ’til I fill three pages back-to-back. You need not think so much for this exercise. Just write what’s inside your head (and heart if you may) without really thinking about it or trying to perfect it. Heck, even “I don’t have anything to write about” is allowed. Plus, you don’t review these pages; not until you are beyond the 8th week of the program. Julia Cameron calls it the “brain drain” because she believes that the first thoughts we have in the morning, most especially the worries we nurture everyday, are the ones blocking our artistic side. (Now I believe it too!) It’s these thoughts that stand “between you and your creativity.” The second task was to have weekly artist dates for 2 hours without interruption or company. Meaning it’s just you and your creative self going out on a date. Whether to an exhibit or musical plays, you have to go to these places alone. Sounds scary at first, but it’s just two hours a week allotted for your artistic reception. Julia says that the morning pages serve as an outlet whereas the artist dates are practiced to receive art. So it’s the basic give and take process to creativity.

What I love most about the book is it serves as a personal journey to self-awareness all over again. It’s like doing yoga or going to a therapist and feeling better (about yourself) instantly after every session. And we all know that with feeling better comes passion, and passion breeds inspiration.

So now I’m back to square one, back to the first week of the book and I really intend to finish it this time.

I highly recommend you grab your own copy and do the exercises religiously. Go ahead! Bring out the artist within that’s longing to be seen and experienced.


Don’t F With Me

I’ve been searching for this song for quite sometime now. Luckily I found it posted on one of my good friend’s Facebook page and man was I ecstatic!

There is something about the subdued vocals blended with electronica music that appeals in a soothing, head bopping sense. Although it’s not my typical “inspirational” song choice, I also do appreciate profane-laden tunes once in a while (don’t we all need it?). BTSTU is not heavily composed with malediction though, but it is one mighty hot music.

So stop what you’re doing and listen to the song.

Don’t F with me now.

Since The End Of The Millennium

It’s been thirteen years since the end of the second millennium. Being the thirteenth year, I believe it’s going to be a lucky one for all of us. Although some may disagree with this probability, the number thirteen treated me well as far as my life goes. The Chinese are also about to welcome their new year (year of the water snake) in a few weeks and Feng Shui says that the snake is symbolical of romance and charm. Snakes are also believed to find happiness in the pleasures of life and love through monetary accumulation. Its ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love, desire,  prosperity, the sea, victory, and of course as we all know, beauty. I also saw somewhere that if 2013 were read backwards, it says “EROS,” the Greek god of love.

My conclusion is that this year will be all about love and success. Get ready to be open to endless possibilities, facing your own fears, going beyond self-limitations, and embracing your own greatness in spite of the hurdles even from the residues of 2012. This year promises a series of love, passion, creativity, and prosperity I tell you.

Every inch of me sense nothing but sanguineness for the year ahead. It feels so good I just want to hug it out! Okay, maybe that’s too much. Anyway…

It’s going to be an utterly fantastic 2013! OWN IT! 🙂