Cuore Giallo: Yellow Heart

Why “yellow heart” in Italian?

For the longest time I’ve meant to speak Italian. I find the language rather romantic and sexy to the point that when spoken it’s eargasmic. Cuore giallo is a start for me other than the few basic Italian words/phrases I know such as “ciao” and “bon appetit.” Plus the fact that Giallo has my first name in it–there is no giallo without GIA.

I have always been fascinated by the moxie of yellow. Picture the glittering sun and the comely hue of daffodils when they blossom in spring. It is a symbol of power, intellect and joy. Sunday is coded in yellow-gold too. The energy that yellow exudes and the happiness it brings excites me every time.

My all-time favorite shape–heart–which represents love. When I was little I always doodle hearts in different sizes, in any place I can put my pencil on–papers, walls, tissues, bags, what have you. And by the time I got older, I was told that drawing hearts meant how overflowing I am with love. Heart is also believed to symbolize the soul and is the seat of emotions.

This is me and how I live life–with a burning yellow heart; a balance between the intellect and emotion, the energy and the soul. I am always eager to learn new things, explore greater heights, and even self-study on different languages that catch my fancy.

Welcome to my page! Here you’ll see future posts of life as I know it, how it helped and inspired me, guided by my own cuore giallo. Enjoy! Ciao!

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