On Media, Awareness, and All that Jazz

Philippines: On January 22, 2014, actor-comedian, Vhong Navarro, assaulted and blackmailed by businessman, Cedric Lee, due to accusations of raping Deniece Cornejo, model/actress. Photos of Vhong’s unrecognizable face due to bruises and swelling spread across the internet as well as circulation of interviews of Lee and Cornejo rebutting the actor’s statement. The incident happened exactly a week… Read More On Media, Awareness, and All that Jazz


To see more of what I’m about to discuss, click and like the blue text below: Mélange Ah, the French word that literally translates to mixture or medley. So why Mélange? By the time we started in 2010, we knew for certain that the business will not focus on women’s accessories alone. Given the fact that… Read More Mélange